DW: Online abortion ads: Doctors defend right to inform patients (englisch)

Two gynecologists in Germany could face jail time for listing abortion as one of the medical services offered at their practice. Ulle Schauws, the women’s policy spokesperson for the Greens, described the case against Szasz and Nicklaus as „completely absurd.“ „Doctors like Nora Szasz and Natascha Nicklaus are being criminalized because they are committed and responsible in their work, because they ensure good care for women in crisis situations and because they comply with their patients‘ right to information,“ she told DW in a statement. Schauws, who was present at Wednesday’s court hearing, added that in order for Paragraph 219ato be struck down, the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) need to allow for a vote on the matter in German parliament „so that trials like the one today will soon be a thing of the past.“